Those Amazing Men from U.N.C.L.E.


In 1964 a series premiered featuring three men who would come to affect many people’s lives in many ways. There were 105 episodes and five movies made, even a reunion movie was done fifteen years after the series left the television screen. Even today this series and the men featured in it still mystify many and stories of their adventures and personal relationships have been written in zines and posted on the internet. They worked for a mythical organization known, not well-known since it was a secret organization, as the U.N.C.L.E.




U.N.C.L.E. or the United Network Command or Law and Enforcement was a multi-nation spy network. Their job was in effect to save the world. They supposedly have headquarters all over the world and their biggest enemy is an organization called THRUSH.


The top man, Number 1, Section 1, in New York City not far from the United Nations Building, is one Alexander Waverly. Not much is know about this man. His accent is English, but it has been hypothesized that he could also be from Boston. His age is over definitely over 50, how far over is unknown. He is married, his wife’s maiden name possibly being Hemmingway since a Mr. Hemmingway, we are informed in ‘The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair, is his brother-in-law and mention of a grandson is made in ‘The Batcave Affair’. He also has or had a cousin who looks a great deal like him as well as a niece who also live in New York, whom we meet in ‘The Bow-Wow Affair.’


His chief enforcement agent, Number 1 Section 2 is Napoleon Solo, badge number 11. In his early 30’s, of average height and weight, with dark hair and an engaging smile he looks the part of an international playboy. Not much is known of his background though he has mentioned being from Kansas in ‘The Four-steps Affair’ and Canada has been brought up by others. In reality he could be from anywhere from the Midwest to Philadelphia. A bachelor, though there is mention of a marriage when he was younger, it is assumed that she died shortly after their marriage. He also served in Korea as we find out in ‘The Secret Septre Affair’ before being asked to join U.N.C.L.E. His love of women is well-known and considered to be his Achilles heel. But most importantly is his loyalty to his partner that is infamous.



Number 2 Section 2 and badge number 2 is one Illya Kuryakin, a Russian by birth and gloomy by nature, and the total opposite of the chief enforcement agent. Smaller with blonde hair cut in a non-cut, fabulous blue eyes and also in his early 30’s, he is considered even more dangerous than his partner. Mention has been made of his childhood in Kiev is made in ‘The Foxes and Hounds Affair’, his Olympic tryout for the University of Georgia in Ukraine as mentioned in ‘The Yukon Affair’, and his educational attendance at the Sorbonne in Paris and his degree in Quantum Mechanics from Cambridge is brought out in ‘The Her Masters Voice Affair’. It is assumed that he too is a bachelor though he has been known to wear a wedding ring.

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